Ouch! That hurt!

Okay, so when your pitching staff gives up 15 runs in the first 4 innings of a ballgame one can safely assume that something has gone horribly wrong! Right? Changes must be made! And I stand by my sincere belief that KIP WELLS HAS GOT TO GO! You gave it your best try Dave Duncan, but this time your “take a struggling pitcher & make him a contributor” experiment didn’t work. Admit defeat – get Reyes back up from Memphis – and move forward!

2 thoughts on “Ouch! That hurt!

  1. That did suck. Problem is, Wells can’t be sent down and nobody’s gonna trade anyone good for him after his lousy performance this year. Looks like we’s stuck with him.

    Maybe he’ll come around.

    *sigh* Our rotation is all bullpen guys who are better than our starter. At least Wainwright looked good this week.

  2. You’re never totally stuck. You use the same logic & move the starter to the bullpen & see what happens. Otherwise, if they just release him they’re still on the hook for $4mil I think… maybe that’s a bargain when you compare it to getting shelled every time he starts a game for the rest of the season.

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