Random Rhetorical Questions

  • Why, when on a road-trip, are the roads always smooth & straight… until you take a sip of your coffee?
  • Why can you work all week without incident, major or minor, but as soon as you take a day off, everything crashes?
  • Why am I sure that if my dog could talk, it would be with a thick Californian surfer-dude voice?
  • Why does it seem that most NRA supporters are very militant & violent about protecting their right to bear arms – and why does that alone make me nervous?
  • Why Journey for the Soprano’s finale? I don’t watch the Sopranos, I don’t ever have HBO, but I mean… Journey? Really?
  • Speaking of TV, why was Creature Comforts cancelled? Real spontaneous interviews set to claymation animals? Hello!?!?
  • Why are your teenage expectations of how you & your life are going to turn out always wrong?
  • Why do people who want to share their faith with you, never want you to share your faith with them?
  • Why am I craving a slab of Rendezvous dry-rub ribs right now?

One thought on “Random Rhetorical Questions

  1. I’m with you on the NRA thing. Also, your dog IS Owen Wilson. Also, I was always sure that anytime I took a day off there was someone gathering up evidence to get me fired. And Rendezvouz dry-rub ribs are da bomb. (and yes, I’m out-of-touch enough to still use a phrase like “da bomb,” rather than “tha shiznit”).

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