What’s on the iPod?

SuitcaseIf you’re ever in the mood for some smooth, basic, mellow, melodic blues – and if you can’t get your hands on Keb’ Mo’s first self-titled album – this is the stuff right here! In fact, Kevin Moore’s 8th & latest release, Suitcase, was produced by John Porter, who also produced his first one – and it shows. The loose, unhurried tone of Keb’s slide is just beautiful. There are no flashy licks – no crazy finger-work – just smooth, patient blues. The only notable difference is the addition of a few more instruments & background/harmony vocals which are still subtle enough to feel like you’re sitting on the front porch with them & their acoustic guitars, jamming as the sun sets over the swamps in the distance.

This is not the kind of album you want to jam-out to in the car, but it’s a great choice for listening to at work, while you’re reading a book, or just relaxing… something I’ve needed lately.

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