The meme stops here!

…but only because I have no one else to tag. Thanks Will!

 Let the confessing begin… 

1.                  I confess that I have never read or heard any theology that I totally agreed with.

2.                  I confess that, like my brother, I have very little self-confidence. However my defense mechanism is usually to internalize, ignore & try to blend into the wallpaper. (And like Will has pointed out before, I am very hard on myself.)

3.                  I confess that most of my blogging takes place during work hours.

4.                  I confess that I don’t read as much as I want to because of an overwhelming lack of motivation. And when I do read, it’s typically something light & silly.

5.                  I confess that I currently don’t get much of anything out of my local church’s Sunday morning services. I allow my human side to come through & let personal feelings towards certain people get in the way of my worship… not a healthy way to grow or even exist spiritually.

6.                  I confess that I honestly believed that our family was cursed until a few years ago; because for the past 3 or more generations a member of our family in a straight line was pregnant by the time they were 16 years old, including me, my dad, & his mom. (Thank God Beth is now 19 and baby-free!)

7.                  I confess that I actually got to where I enjoyed watching the Gilmore Girls, though I never admitted it to my wife. (Come for the pretty girls, stay for the witty banter.) And was silently upset when it ended.

8.                  I confess that I really enjoy a tall cold bottle of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. (Beer & lemonade… not very manly, but oh so good!)

9.                  I confess that I can’t stand most “Christian” radio – music or talk – it just irritates me.

10.              I confess that I hate the phone (even though part of my job is tech-support), but I absolutely love & don’t know what I did before I had Caller ID!

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