What’s on the iPod?

Sky Blue SkyI love Wilco… Okay, maybe I just really like Wilco. I can’t really say I love them – but that possibility is there! Let me explain; I love their first two albums A.M. & Being There. I also love their collaboration with Billy Bragg on the two Mermaid Avenue albums of unreleased Woodie Guthrie songs. But as far as Jeff Tweedy’s trip down experimental street goes, I can live without all of it. Sky Blue Sky on the other hand is pretty darn good. Like many of my favorite albums, it isn’t all that catchy at first. That is to say it takes listening to it two or three times through to really warm up to it, but once you do, it really sticks with you.

I read a review of it that stated, “this is the best Eagles album that the Eagles didn’t record.” Okay, I don’t hear that – but whatever blows up your skirt buddy. Actually I hear much more John Lennon & maybe some Elvis Costello, but that’s just me.

As a whole, I am quite pleased with this album, and so far I can see it finding a semi-permanent place in heavy rotation in my collection. (What a horribly constructed sentence that was… Wow. Too bad I’m too tired to go back & fix it!)

And for the Casey Kasem long-distance dedication, I’m sending this one out to my office today… It’s from Wilco’s latest release Sky Blue Sky, the song, “Hate It Here”…