Today’s high will be in the f*#^ing 90’s

Sometimes “funny” happens in the least likely of places. That’s what makes them funny, right? I mean, nobody tells jokes anymore & when I hear one I rarely laugh unless it’s just to pacify the joke-teller. But this morning I had a good hearty laugh. It was at the expense of the local weather-man on the morning news. The lady at the news desk segued to him & he began to speak about today’s weather when he was abruptly interrupted by a recorded promo. The promo was cut short & suddenly the weather man was standing there again seemingly thrown off by the interruption & at a severe loss for words. He stammered, “uh… um… WHAT THE HELL WAS I SAYING?!?!” That’s right; 5:30am and the local weather guy is cursing like a sailor on the air… okay, maybe not quite like a sailor. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how sailors curse. My uncle was in the navy & he was never very good at cursing. Maybe I just never heard him do it in the right situations. But I digress… What the hell was I talking about anyway?