Don’t forget Friday July 27th…

That’s right – it’s Systems Administrator Appreciation Day!!!

The Panel of Infamy And guess what? That’s what I am – after all, who else realizes that such a day exists, let alone that it happens on the last Friday of July?!? And after last week, I feel like I deserve a special day! The company for which I work was without internet/email access for 3 full days! (Amazing how that actually increases productivity!) I tested every little piece of our network & determined that the problem was not on our end, but with the ISP. However, that realization did not deter anyone here from asking when I was going to get it fixed. “We know there’s nothing you can do, but when are you going to do something?” And people wonder why my desk is filled with antacids & Excedrin…

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget Friday July 27th…

  1. Ice Breakers has these new “energy” mints with caffeine in ’em. I accidentally bought some a couple of weeks ago. They taste like butt; however, fresh breath + caffeine = a winning combination. (You DO know that it’s the caffeine in Excedrin that makes it work, right?)

  2. Yes I knew that & it’s a wonderful thing… I bought some of the Mad-Croc caffeinated gum a while back – you’re right, it tastes like butt after the first second or two, but sometimes it’s a necessity.

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