What’s on the iPod?


I have a few new CD’s that I haven’t actually listened to yet – but this weekend I finally took the time to rip my entire R.E.M. collection to the iPod. From 1983’s Murmur to 2004’s Around the Sun & everything in between. It’s pretty extensive, and pretty darn great too! I don’t know why I waited this long… I love this stuff! I have the whole R.E.M. library playing in random mode right now through the computer speakers at my desk. I highly recommend it!

I may not get around to listening to my new stuff for a long, long while…

2 thoughts on “What’s on the iPod?

  1. It’s still Stipe, Buck & Mills… I agree they’re different, but I still like them both. They’ll always be the original Alt Rock band to me.

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