In Honor of SysAdmin Day…

Work Desk Essentials For This SysAdmin:

My Cluttered Desk

  1. iPod – the music keeps me sane.
  2. Red Swingline Stapler – blatant Milton reference, a must for any informed cube dweller.
  3. Headphones – for those really bad days when I don’t want to be bothered. And if they’re big enough, I don’t even have to be listening to anything in order to get away with ignoring people.CAT5 Noose
  4. Pen/Pencil Cup – and can you see the Tide Pen in there? That’s the real necessity for me & my wardrobe!
  5. Darth Vader Bobble-heads – to show my allegiance to the dark side & to protect the pencil cup!
  6. Dave Barry daily calendar – for my morning chuckle.
  7. iTop – fulfills 2 of my passions; spinning tops & geeky tech toys.
  8. Mini St. Louis Cardinals McFarlane figures of Pujols & Edmonds – Go Cards! (and McFarlane toys just rock!)
  9. Plastic Spider – just for fun.
  10. Demotivational Coffee cup by – gotta have a vessel to get my daily dose of caffeine, so it might as well reflect who I am. It’s also sitting on a coaster made from a circuit board.
  11. 19” LCD Monitor – so I can keep up with Cardinal day games with ESPN’s live gamecast.
  12. Stress Ball – before last week there were two. I accidentally ripped one in half Thursday – not a good day to be me.
  13. Hangman’s Noose that I tied out of a CAT5 Network Cable – if you have to ask, you’ll never understand.

not pictured:

14.  Nerf dart gun – for protection against random network clients.

15.  Atomix Radio-Controlled Clock – because you just have to know when the official 4:00PM rolls around according to WWVB near Fort Collins, Colorado… and just how far past it you have to stay.

    2 thoughts on “In Honor of SysAdmin Day…

    1. Some of us have to be happy with the staple the was in the cube to begin with.

      It’s ok though. I don’t have to worry about people taking it though. It’s old and very heavy. I do arm curls with it. No really I do.

      OK. My turn to shower and put my head down.

      P.S. If you can’t tell. I am very tired.

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