Camera Phone Pictures of Religious Icons

These (very poor quality) camera phone pictures were taken on a trip to purchase illegal fireworks & smuggle them across the river for the 4th of July. While browsing through the store – I just couldn’t resist wanting to share these rare & fantastic finds with my friends…

fiber optic last supper First of all, we have an all African-American Last Supper, the members apparently stuffed into one of those big corner booths at Denny’s and highlighted by the glorious glows of Fiber Optics! How much more beautifully tacky does it get?

Ged Is Air Creater Best I can tell, it says, “Ged is air Creater.” (Even better was the “Inspected By” sticker on the back, which I was unable to capture on film.)

What the? I don’t even have words to describe this one. A crucifixion with a blown-up 3D detail of His very feminine head. Did they even have eyebrow tweezers in biblical times? (I don’t think the little guy to the left is actually supposed to be in the picture… camera hog.)

Peter Dinklage as Jesus And finally, playing the role of Jesus Christ, it’s the Station Agent’s Peter Dinklage!

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