What’s on the iPod?

Gillian Welch - RevivalI had a conversation with an old friend yesterday centered on the idea that if our teenage selves could see what kind of music we listened to now they would be shocked & appalled. One of my typical responses to the question of musical tastes included me saying that I was very eclectic – as long it’s not rap or country. But by saying that I hate country, I missed out on some really great music. Because If you dig deep enough past the crap that they play on country radio these days, you can find that country really does have a good side.

Gillian Welch denies the “country” label herself. She generally cites REM & the Pixies as influences even if you don’t necessarily hear that on the record. Revival is such a beautiful, mature, strong album that it’s hard to imagine that it was her debut! Listening to it incites images of Patsy Cline, Billie Holliday, Joni Mitchell, even Lucinda Williams. The marriage of country, blues, folk, bluegrass, gospel… it’s just hard to describe how wonderful this album is.

So, I say to my teenage self, you gotta listen to this. You’re going to love it! On the iPod, listed by artist right between the Georgia Satellites & Gnarles Barkley. Gillian Welch’s Revival. It rocks!

One thought on “What’s on the iPod?

  1. I’m glad I could get you to thinking.


    I think it is very cool that you used my e-mail as a idea for a post.

    Take care my “old friend”.

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