A Hero Arises

The following is a true story… for the most part.

Monday morning I walked down the steps of our house & under the carport towards my truck to begin another arduous work week. Suddenly and without provocation a massive horsefly started buzzing my head. Back & forth it buzzed, closer & closer like Tom Cruise buzzing the control tower in Top Gun. I swatted randomly with my free hand as I fumbled for my keys with the other. At the very moment I tossed my cold-cut laden lunch box into the passenger seat the buzzing got louder & inexplicably stationary. I turned to look over my left shoulder & the evil horsefly had been ensnared in the web of a large ominous-looking garden spider who hovered over her prey tying it up in the silky strands of her webbing. I politely thanked my new friend for saving me from danger. I’m almost positive she winked an eye cluster at me as if to say, “You are welcome my master. Have a nice day at work.

Angelina - My Protector from the HorseflyI have since realized that my super-powers involve the ability to command armies & legions of spiders. I can communicate with them in ways that mere mortals cannot. They work for me & I protect them. We have an ethereal bond. Together we shall fight crime & injustice all across the tri-state region. Evil cannot escape the eight long legs of justice! Needless to say; the tech-loving SysAdmin named Scott is just my mild-mannered alter ego… for, I am ARACHNERD!!!

Season 3 of Who Wants to be a SuperHero… here I come!

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