What’s on the iPod?

Meet the SmithereensI hate tribute bands. I really do. But the Smithereens have done something totally different here. They have taken the American debut album of one of the most legendary bands of all time & covered the whole darn thing – song by song – as a tribute. Oh yeah, and it rocks! This album is a testament to two things; 1) just how timeless many Lennon-McCartney songs really are, and 2) what a great all-around band the Smithereens are.

Very few bands can pull a feat like this off & the Smithereens do it with a class & style that’s all their own. We all know these songs, they’re classics – but it wouldn’t seem out of place if they were to throw in “Behind the Wall of Sleep” (my favorite Smithereens’ tune.) Oddly enough, you wouldn’t even blink. It’s obviously a huge tribute to the Beatles but at the same time, whether it was intended or not, they’ve managed to make it a work that can stand by itself too.

Meet The Smithereens! The Beatles Tribute Album by America’s Phenomenal Pop Combo.

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