The ArachNerd… in print!

Love & CapesWhile killing time yesterday, just surfin’ around Al Gore’s awesome invention, I ran across a startling piece of information. Hold on to your butt… not only am I a superhero… I am actually already featured in the comic book “Love & Capes”, written & illustrated by Thom Zahler! (Think “the Incredibles” before they were married, but with more focus on their personal & love lives than on actual superhero-type-stuff.)

From a long-time graphic novel fan, I have to also say that from what I’ve seen of it, it looks really good. Light & funny, but from a totally different point of view than you normally see these kinds of guys. Definitely worth checking out.

The down-side, Thom Zahler also draws “It’s Slider Time” based on the Cleveland Indians’ nondescript mascot & published in the Indian’s program book. I bet Fredbird could kick his hairy purple butt!!! Oh well…

So, what’s next? An Arachnerd movie?
Uh oh…

Arachnerd, the Movie

6 thoughts on “The ArachNerd… in print!

  1. Just a happy coincidence I guess.

    In these books, Arachnerd is a blatant play on Spiderman, just as the leading man, the Crusader, is obviously a play on Superman. Except that the story deals with the Crusader’s jealousy issues because Arachnerd is getting all of the attention & glory.

    There is also an & … which look interesting, but give very little insight as to what the service actually is.

  2. Yeah, it’s just a coincidence. I had no idea anyone else was calling themselves the Arachnerd.

    As for the Slider thing, I haven’t worked for the Indians in over a year, since they made their program book more like Playbill and cut out the comics. So don’t hold that against me.

    Glad you liked the book!

  3. Arachnerd is already copyrighted as a superhero name then? Darn, I was about to introduce my version of such a character in a comic series I’ve been doing off and on since 1994… Well, gotta make fun of Spiderman some other way then… lol (Not joking, it’s a real let down).

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