Stardust – a review

Neil Gaiman’s StardustI don’t normally review movies. I used to be a bit of a movie buff, but adult life has a way of stealing the time you used to spend watching movies & going to concerts & replacing it with (usually) more fulfilling activities, like spending a quiet afternoons with your wife… but I digress.

I have to say that as a former comic book collector & a current graphic novel fan, from the moment I first saw the trailer I was intrigued by the idea of a Neil Gaiman penned grown-up fairy tale. Especially if it passes the Michelle Pfeiffer test. (sigh.) That being said, I guess I was expecting some kind of bizarre cross between the Princess Bride & the Crow. But even though it incorporates some familiar fantasy clichés, what I actually got was a unique take on a theme that is very near & dear to my heart. That theme? Transformation. (And I ain’t talkin’ about Optimus Prime here people.)

You could call Stardust a coming of age story. But more specifically it’s a tale of how through the journey of our lives, even when we think we might know what our heart’s desire is, our experiences can transform us into what we are truly meant to be. Tristan Thorn sets out on a quest to find & bring back a fallen star in order to win the heart of a young girl who he believes to be his true love. But the quest itself, with all of its ups & downs, transforms him from a dream chasing boy into a man ready to fulfill his own destiny in ways that even he couldn’t imagine. Sounds a lot like life, doesn’t it?

It’s a well told story with lots of laughs, some interesting twists, a few vertigo inducing special effects, a good cast, a hot witch, and a profound moral (even if its never blatantly stated.) It’s a very nice movie that’s well worth watching.

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