Random thoughts on last night’s game

When Yadi Smiles

Now there’s a professional athlete with a sense of responsibility to his fans! On the night of his very own bobblehead promotion, Yadier Molina (one of my favorite players on the current team) hit 3 singles including a seeing-eye walk-off RBI into left field to win the game in the 10th inning. Already probably the best defensive catcher in the league, he’s also starting to come around as a dangerous clutch hitter. It’s even more impressive when you put it into the context of being scratched from yesterday’s game because, according to him, he spent most of yesterday in the bathroom sick.

I’m not sure most people know how important a good catcher really is to a team. Even Cardinal fans have become a bit spoiled to great catching, going from the amazing Mike Matheny (who played 252 consecutive games without a single error) to the formidable in his own right Yadi! A catcher can control a ballgame from so many different angles to the point of making or breaking a team. And Yadi’s one of the best. If he doesn’t start getting more gold-glove votes, I’m going to… I’m going to… I’ll set the building on fire!

It was also a night where a young Adam Wainwright pitched like an ace again without getting to claim a win. He pitched eight innings, only allowed 1 run on 4 hits in addition to knocking in the only run for his team up to the point when he was taken out. It’s just a shame that a kid can pitch like that nearly every time he’s called on, and can’t get any better run support from his own team. Wagonmaker is just an awesome pitcher cut from the same cloth as Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter. I can’t wait to witness the two of them on the same team in a few years. It’ll be like the Diamondback’s Curt Schilling & Randy Johnson in 2001. (With this season’s team being compared to Monty Python’s Black Night in the Holy Grail, I have to look to the future to feel a little better about the whole mess!)

Wainwright Autograph Cards

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