What’s on the iPod?

I’ve never been much on history museums, being drawn more to living things; zoos, aquariums, gardens. But on my first visit to Sun Studios in Memphis, TN a few years ago, I got the distinct impression I was walking into a holy place. The energy from all of the musicians that passed through before was palpable! Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Howlin’ Wolf, Roy Orbison, and of course Memphis’ most famous resident, Elvis Presley all stood right there & recorded some of the best music ever; music that changed the landscape of popular music if not the world. Some people think the biggest draw to Memphis is Graceland. They’re wrong. It’s the barbeque ribs… followed closely by Sun Studios.

Elvis at Sun Record CompanyThis collection of recordings from Elvis’ Memphis sessions is far from the most complete version, but having been recently remastered it is a must-have for fans of Elvis, rockabilly… heck, just music-in-general!

Before his breakout year of 1956; before he started down the slippery slope fueled by money, fame, & drugs; before the spangled jumpsuits, weight gain & the lights of Vegas, Elvis was just a country-boy truck driver that wanted to make some music for his Momma’s birthday. This is the result! The tiny spark that started the forest fire. Elvis at Sun. Now that’s some Good Rockin’ Tonight!

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