Brain Sludge

  • I have a dry erase board hanging on the cubicle wall just to my left when I’m facing my computer. I am quite certain that it is approximately 1920’s or 30’s vintage (even though they weren’t really invented until the 90’s). I found it in the old plant before we moved to our new facility five years ago. I use my dry-erase board for a very specific purpose; keeping my to-do list. Lately, my list has grown exponentially without the benefit of being able to erase or mark-out anything. So I have to keep writing smaller & at odd angles in order to fit it all in. The last item on the list? Buy a new dry-erase board.
  • Speaking of lists, I never thought I would get to this stage in my life, but I am there in full force. I remember absolutely nothing without the aid of a list. I have to have to-do lists, things to pick up on my way home, places to go. I have to remind myself constantly of what needs done, or I just never do it. Then there are those times when I don’t take the time to make a list or a note, like when I’m leaving the office at the end of the day or right before I go to bed, so instead I physically place something in my way or do something out of the ordinary with the expectation that when I see it the next day, it will jog my memory & force my brain to remember whatever it was I was too lazy to write down the day before. Although it generally makes me think, “why the heck did I put that there?”
  • Baseball is basically over for the year. I know the League Championship series’ haven’t even started, but my team isn’t in it – nor are the teams I root against, so what’s the point? Unfortunately I’m sure that’s what the TV networks are thinking about too. None of the four teams in the playoffs at this point are what they refer to as, “big market” teams. So they actually have a chance to break a record; the lowest rated World Series ever! Go team!
  • This weekend is Carrier Mills’ “Catskin Days”, my little home-town’s annual autumn celebration. Which leads to the obvious questions, where the heck did they come up with the term “Catskin” & why should it be celebrated? I may have to conduct some research on this topic.
  • As I do every Fall, I have started watching an assortment of new TV shows & have already started the process of giving up on them. The first victim after only 2 episodes; Reaper. It’s like Buffy without everything that made Buffy good. The only high point, Satan is played by Ray Wise, Laura Palmer’s creepy father in Twin Peaks. But alas, that just wasn’t enough to keep my interest. Chuck may soon suffer the same fate if the story line doesn’t pick up quickly as well. The one show I feel like I’m really going to stick with is Pushing Daisies. Which of course can only mean one thing… It will be canceled soon.
  • I sure hope someone made some fresh coffee. I better go check – have a good day!

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