A Few Deaths in the Family (+1 Birth)

Over the last few months two of my favorite pets have passed away. Before you get too mushy, they were both tarantulas. A Brazilian whiteknee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) named Sweetheart & an Antilles pinktoe (Avicularia versicolor) named Baby (nobody puts her in a corner!) I still have 2 spiders that spend the school year in my wife’s classroom; a Chilean rose (Grammostola rosea) named Elvis (Priscilla died last summer too) and an Arkansas chocolate (Aphonopelma baergi) named Hillary.

Not actually mine, just an example of an adult TigerRump I found on GoogleAs a result, my wife very generously bought me a new one, so that the ArachNerd wouldn’t be spiderless at home! It is a juvenile Costa Rican tigerrump (Cyclosternum fasciatum) that is so far nameless. Which is where you come in. I need name suggestions!

As you can tell, my names are anything but conventional. My very first T, a birthday gift when I was in college, was a Chilean rose named Precious. My second was a Zebra Knee (Aphonopelma seemani) named Anastasia. Unfortunately, because of the shoddy housing that I devised for them, Precious ate Anastasia for a mid-day snack.

So, what do you think? What would be a good name for my new pet?

7 thoughts on “A Few Deaths in the Family (+1 Birth)

  1. Since very few other people read this pathetic excuse for a blog, it’s not that difficult for it to be a whole lot of Wills drinkin’ coffee.

    Spatula? Really? And never fear, Leah will have a kid named Abreva, Restasis, or maybe even Levitra in her class within the next few years.

  2. My one friend Chris suggested these…

    Preciosa – Spanish for Precious (f)
    Hermosa – Spanish for Beautiful (f)
    or Roja – Spanish for Red (f)

    I also came up with “Pequeño Araña” which, the best of my knowledge means “Little Spider”… but I could be totally wrong! Please correct me if I am!

  3. I would name him Fluffy LOL
    My daughter and I recently moved to Arkansas and just today there was a huge dead terantula at the end of the driveway and my daughter who is a professional smart ass in an effort to make me laugh said “AWE poor fluffy” LOL

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