It’s that time of year

My wife & I were driving home from my brother’s house yesterday when it struck me, Halloween is just around the corner! We’ve been planning our trick-or-treat night get-together for family & friends for weeks, but I suddenly realized that one of my favorite parts of the season has so far been totally overlooked! ‘Tis the season for Monster Movies!!! So, in response to that realization, here is a list of my personal favorite Top 10 Monster Movies of all time (not necessarily in any kind of order):

  1. Dracula (1931), this movie’s appeal hinges on one thing; not direction, writing, or production, but solely on Bela Lugosi!
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), I love nearly all of Tim Burton’s films but with its time-intensive stop-action animation, creative writing, and imaginative imagery, this has to be his crowning achievement… even if it is more of a Christmas flick.
  3. Bride of the Monster (1955), I know, Plan 9 from Outer Space is Ed Wood’s more notable movie, but I prefer this Monster “Classic” with Bela Lugosi acting his butt off as if he believed this would actually be a reputable film.
  4. Bubba Ho-Tep (2002), Nursing home bound Elvis & JFK fighting an ancient Egyptian mummy! You can’t go wrong.
  5. Frankenstein (1931), I love Karloff’s monster & the fact that he makes you feel sympathetic for him.
  6. Young Frankenstein (1974), I can take or leave many Mel Brooks movies, but not this one. This one makes me laugh out loud no matter how many hundreds of times I see it.
  7. 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957), before the days of CGI Ray Harryhausen’s stop-action animation ruled the monster movie world (in my opinion anyway) & this is just a fun watch!
  8. King Kong (1933 & 1976, but not 2005), the newest retelling wasn’t horrible, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the original or the ’76 remake which holds a special place in my heart (as cheesy as it is) as one of the first true monster movies I ever saw in the theater.
  9. American Werewolf in London (1981), the only 1980’s movie to crack my list, probably for good reason. Not only did it scare the pants off me while making me laugh at the same time, but it was also a real breakthrough in special effects.
  10. The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), Not technically a monster movie as much as a Science Fiction movie with a big scary robot, but this one never ceases to entertain me! A likeable “villain” with the very preachy message, “live peaceably or be destroyed”… I love it! And according to one of my older co-workers, very scary at the time.

I’m sure there are some great ones that I’ve missed, but that’s a heck of a top 10, don’t you think? Keep your Freddy’s & your Jason’s & your Saw’s… Give me one of the above classic monster movies any day of the week – especially around Halloween!

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