What’s on the iPod?

R.E.M. Live Banner

This is the very first honest-to-god live album from the legendary R.E.M.

27 years in the making, it’s hard to imagine that they hadn’t released one up to this point. After all, they’ve always been incredible live. There’s a good cross-section of music here from the classics to some more recent offerings, even an unreleased track & all executed with the flawlessness & intensity that you would expect. There are 2 CD’s, but only 5 of the 22 total songs are on the second disc. The package also includes a DVD, but I will be honest, I’ve always found it much more enjoyable to just listen to R.E.M. than to watch them. (I think you understand.) I applaud them also for not falling into the common music release traps that many bands have recently; 4 different versions & store exclusives, a DVD here, bonus CD’s there… And instead releasing the whole package, 2 CD’s & a DVD, all for one low price! Let’s hope more bands follow suit and keep these kinds of packages affordable for common fans like us. My only complaint is that it doesn’t seem long enough. When it nears the end, I want it to keep going because there are still some songs that I want to hear that they haven’t even touched.

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