Shall I Rant? I Shall…

Okay – I’m going to make this short & sweet. Otherwise it will just sound like a teenage girl’s endless whining over not getting picked in cheerleader tryouts…

Yadier Molina was snubbed in this year’s Gold Glove voting!

What the… ?!?!

The winning catcher, LA Dodgers’ Russell Martin, isn’t a bad catcher by any gauge. But the best defensive catcher in the league? Not even close.

  • Martin threw out just 29.7 percent of runners attempting to steal a base. Yadier threw out 54 percent.
  • Yadier allowed only 23 stolen bases; Martin allowed 82 for the second most in the league behind San Diego’s Josh Bard.
  • He also led the league with 14 errors!

Sports columnist Jeff Gordon wrote, “NL managers and coaches know if they give their runners the green light to run on Molina, bad things will happen. Runners get thrown out at second, runners get picked off first, potential big innings die . . . yes, it’s best not to run on Yadier.

And yet these same NL managers and coaches decided that Russell Martin is the best defensive catcher in the NL.


Okay – I’m done ranting now. Go about your business. There’s nothing to see here.

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