Give Thanks

The week of Thanksgiving is always a crazy busy one for my wife & I. Since my Grandpa & Mother-in-law passed away, and we refused to retire our holiday meals to Cracker Barrel, our house has become the default gathering place for Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter. And even though it seems like an enormous amount of work, we enjoy it and are glad that our families are able to evolve & make new holiday traditions with one another.

I imagine bloggers all over the world will be posting entries about what they’re thankful for this week. But this one is a response to my brother Willie’s post “Greetons Seasonings” in which he posed the question, “What are you thankful for?”

Dirty TurkeyI am thankful that I get to see all four of my nieces & nephews this week. It’s just crazy how much I like all of them.

I am thankful that our Mother raised us in the United Methodist Church where the bible schools, youth ministries, pastors, & church camps helped me to form a firm foundation for my faith. (Can I squeeze any more “f’s” in there?)

I am thankful that George Lucas decided to make Epic Adventure flicks like Star Wars & Indiana Jones, and not romantic comedies or period pieces.

I am thankful for my wonderful wife, who is my very best friend, my biggest fan and my main support.

I am thankful that my office has finally started seriously trying to enforce a recycling program. With the amount of paper, junk mail, etc wasted here on a daily basis I am sure we weren’t helping the planet at all.

I am thankful for dry-rubbed barbeque ribs, chicken spidini in lemon & white wine sauce, white cake donuts, greek dolmades, curried chicken, dark-roast coffee, fresh-baked bread, hand-dipped ice cream… and antacids.

I am thankful for my half-loaded, fully charged iPod and a good pair of ear-buds.

I am thankful for every opportunity that arises for a good uncontrollable belly laugh.

I am thankful for my lovely daughter with all of her eccentricities, silliness, talents, and her big-big heart that make her uniquely Bethany.

I am thankful that both Ozzie Smith & Albert Pujols decided to both be St. Louis Cardinals.

I too, am thankful that God is good.

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