Letting the Furries be the Parents

Finally, a way to teach our kids the evils of the internet in convenient comic book form! Parenting is so hard without helpful aids like this!

trust the advice of tigersThe first problem I see here is that the kids are researching a trip to the zoo with the help of a talking tiger, bear & wolf… turn around guys – you’re not going to see that at the friggin’ zoo! “Let’s all go visit my relatives who are being held captive behind bars against their will! It’s Gr-r-r-r-r-reat!” Three predatory animals teaching kids about internet predators – sweet! I’m also guessing that Jungle Boy is actually investigative reporter Chris Hansen! Be careful, you don’t want to end up on Dateline NBC!

Dave Barry once said while honoring Steve Martin at the Kennedy Center Mark Twain award ceremony in 2005 that he had to search the internet to learn more about Steve for his speech, during which he discovered one thing, “there is a lot of porn on the internet – you should check it out.” I’m not sure what that has to do with this post – I just think it’s funny.

caveat: I am not trying to downplay the dangers kids face on the internet, but we as parents need to take some responsibility in keeping our own kids safe & smart about such things. Be parents! Don’t just rely on on the upright walking, scout uniformed, shirtless, talking, opposable thumbed animals hanging out in your kids’ bedroom… or cheesy comic books like this one.

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