A Christmas Meme

Okay – I’ll play along. A 3X3 Christmas Meme, for my third consecutive Christmas themed entry this week. (3 questions / 3 answers each.) Thanks Willie!

X-Mas Pin-up

What are your three favorite Christmas songs and who sings them?

Though listed first, this is actually the last question I am answering because it’s actually the one I had to think about the most. I love music & love Christmas music but here are the 3 that come to mind first.

1. Elvis – it ain’t Christmas without Elvis, I love nearly all of his holiday tracks, but I picked “On a Snowy Christmas Night” because I like the sentiment, “give thanks for all you’ve been blessed with & hold your loved ones tight…

2. Charles Brown – “Please Come Home for Christmas”: It’s been covered tons of times, but none hold a candle the original.

3. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s cover of “Mr. Heatmiser” from the 1978 classic Rankin/Bass stop-action special, “A Year Without a Santa Claus” just for the fun-factor.

Honorable mention: “Christmas, Baby Please Come Home” by Darlene Love or U2 either one, “Santa on the Roof” by Rev. Horton Heat, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” by Gayla Peevey, and “River” by Joni Mitchell (kind of depressing, but beautiful).

What are your three favorite Christmas foods?

1. I’m going to go ahead & follow suit here because I really love eggnog. I don’t care if it’s technically a food or not, it’s one of the few edible things I really look forward to during the Christmas season.

2. Warm gingerbread with fresh whipped cream. Not a house or a cookie – just a pan of fresh gingerbread right out of the oven. The smell is as good as the taste.

3. When we were younger, the main Christmas food I looked forward to was an annual gift from my Mom’s cousin-in-law, Melinda. She baked fresh tea-rings that were like a little slice of heaven wrapped in tin foil; braided yeast dough with cinnamon & pecans & drizzled with icing – holy crap!

What are your three Christmas secrets?

1. I couldn’t care less if I ever received another present; as long as I could watch the kids in my family open theirs.

2. I absolutely love the trappings of Christmas; the movies (no matter how cheesy), the music (no matter what genre) and the decorations (the gaudier the better)!

3. Probably not a secret to my family but Christmas Eve candlelight communion is my absolute favorite moment of the entire Christmas season. Our lives are so stressful & busy, not to mention that I let outside influences make the season less enjoyable than it should be. Communion is a brief moment in time that I can kneel at the altar with my family, thank God for them & for everything else, and feel His presence. It really is the highlight of Christmas for me.

I’m going to go out on a limb & tag my new coworker Neal, even though I don’t know his blog address; mostly because I’m interested to hear his choice of songs!

One thought on “A Christmas Meme

  1. Tag… I’m it.

    I am not sure what my favorite Christmas song would be… although Bob Geldof/Band Aid’s “Do They Even Know It’s Christmas” comes to mind.

    Actually, when I really think of Christmas I think of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. I recently took my son driving around to look at Christmas lights and we listened to an AM station playing non-stop holiday music. Every 15 minutes or so they would play the audio of Linus Van Pelt quoting Luke 2:8-14 and explaining the true meaning of Christmas. Gave me the warm fuzzies every time.

    Oh, and I also like Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis”!

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