As Seen On TV!

As the end of aught-seven draws near (much like the end of any other year) television, radio, and magazines are full of those familiar best/worst of the year lists; all of the news stories, movies, music, & moments in time that defined the year that was. So, since the holidays put a serious damper on the time I have to blog, I thought I would just add to the list of lists as my final entry for 2007. And while I’m at it, I might as well make it as ridiculous as possible! (Because, well, that’s just the kind of guy I am.) So, here it is…

My Top 5 favorite things Billy Mays screamed at me about in 2007

Billy Mays5. ZorbEEZ ultra-absorbent towels – “Big or Small, ZorbEEZ gets it all!” (Amazing technology – a fabric that absorbs liquid… Wow!)

4. The HandySwitch – the new WIRELESS light switch that lets you control ANY lamp from ANYWHERE you choose! (And if I had stuck it to a piece of furniture like they show in the commercial, I would’ve been grounded for life… again)

3. The HomeSmart Samurai Shark – It sharpens knives, scissors, tools, even serrated edges… but not samurai swords (at least not that we know of).

2. Mighty Putty Super Epoxy – “Just cut, activate and apply Mighty Putty to fix, fill or seal almost any surface!” (Every time this commercial comes on, my wife says, “if your coffee cup breaks, just throw it away & buy a new one… it’s a COFFEE CUP for crying out loud!”)

1. The Hercules Hook – The amazing wall-hanging system that, according to KFVS 12’s “Does it Work Wednesday” segment… doesn’t work.

Happy New Year Everybody!

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