Monday is the day for Miscellany

1. My ankle hurts & I don’t know why. Have I twisted it? Pulled something? Or is it just inflammation as a result of the fluctuating weather? I don’t know. But it hurts.

2. This is the first week in a month that I have had to actually work all 40 hours of a 40-hour week. I’m expecting it to seem like much more than that. Perhaps I’m setting myself up for disaster.

3. I’m quite pleased with myself for being able to talk a reseller into taking back a moderately expensive electronic item for a full refund, even though they have a 30-day return policy & I bought it in August. Especially since the real reason I need to return it is that I’m an idiot & I didn’t really need it in the first place.

4. I don’t like tissues with lotion – however, I bought a box of the new Vick’s infused Puffs Plus… Oh my goodness… I find myself randomly throughout the day just holding them up to my nose & breathing deeply for no reason at all.

5. This weekend I finally found a lightweight jacket that I really like & that fits after weeks of searching. Now it’s 70 friggin’ degrees outside.

6. I need a new wall calendar. Every time I look up I see December 2007 & a picture of Scott Rolen swinging away; which inevitably prompts me to wonder to myself how much longer Scotty will be a Cardinal.

7. I am inexplicably excited that I have to stop by Toys-R-Us on my way home to look for Star Wars figures for my niece’s birthday. I’m such a geek.

8. I bought a regular un-flavored iced latte at Sonic yesterday. Not bad except for the fact that it was so heavy with ice that I had it completely consumed before I pulled out of the parking lot. It was literally 3 sips. I was very disappointed. I still am.

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