Social Experiment?

The day began with a group of people in the shop presenting each other with a gift – the same gift passed from one person to the next presumably because no one wanted it. The item in question: a fruit cake; a heavy, dense, foot-long dark brown brick of fruit cake wrapped in cellophane. No one knew from where it had originally come or just how old it was. Eventually it ended up on my desk. I didn’t want to pass it on, so instead my friend & I decided to conduct a small experiment. We unwrapped it, sliced it up & positioned it appetizingly on a platter next to stack of napkins in the break room. Within just a few hours 80% of it was gone. There is currently one small slice remaining on the platter fifteen minutes before the end of the day.

fruitcakeSo what have we learned? We have learned that sometimes people complain & turn their noses up at something even though beneath the façade they secretly have nothing against the item in question. Decisions made in social settings can be quite different than decisions the same person might make in the same situation in private. Or, as one of my coworkers put it, “I could slice up a turd & put it on a plate & the idiots around here would eat it.

Personally, I suspect he had a piece.

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