Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

It’s official – the St. Louis Cardinal’s perennial MV3 team of Pujols, Edmonds & Rolen has officially been split up.


Jim Edmonds was traded to San Diego in December for David Freese. And a deal was finalized yesterday that sent Scott Rolen to Toronto for fellow 3rd baseman Troy Glaus. It breaks my heart a little as a fan because they were the heart & soul of this team for quite a while. Now all that’s left is Albert; which, let’s face it, ain’t all that bad. There’s been tons of talk about these two trades – a zillion blog entries – some happy, some angry. But I am holding back, reserving opinions & rants for another time. It’s not like I could add much to either argument anyway. Let’s just say I’m grieving a little bit which will probably pass by the time the ’08 season gets underway. Rebuilding years can be a lot of fun… as long as the Cubs don’t win.

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