Even Worse Than Jumping on Oprah’s Couch

Cruise In MagnoliaI just finished watching Tom Cruise’s Scientology video that surfaced on the internet a few days ago. Now I’m sitting at my desk in a state of… something; awe, shock, dumbfoundedness (if that’s even a word)… I’m not even sure what I’m feeling. Never have I seen someone talk so much and never really say anything. (With the possible exception of the State of the Union Addresses for the last 7 years.) If you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest that you take a peek sooner rather than later since the CSI is doing what they can to have all traces of it removed from the internet as swiftly as possible.

I believe strongly in the freedom of religion. Every individual should have the right to worship, or not worship, any deity they so choose as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights or well-being of others. If you have chosen to be a Scientologist, more power to you… I think.

Of course I snark at the idea of a whole religion founded by a science fiction author which he loosely based on his own self-help principles. But I think my main problem with Scientology is the way that it is represented & presented to the rest of us by the Scientologists themselves. I have issues with the overwhelming arrogance that they seem to exude about their own religion. I don’t trust any group that believes that they have all the answers. Unfortunately the people of my own religion have a tendency to come across the same way. Scientologists don’t have the exclusive rights to this point. Many other religions fall victim to the same school of thought all too often. In fact, one response I read to a Chicago Tribune article written on the subject this morning stated;

To an non-biased, objective agnostic/atheist, Scientology is no more ridiculous than any form of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. The hatred towards scientology is nore more or less a form of bigotry than criticizing any other religion.

Some people have just been brainwashed to believe that a sky wizard writing a bunch of rules on stone tablets, a man who is his own father sent to right the wrongs set forth by a woman created form a man’s rib at the behest of a talking snake, etc. are less abnormal than this “Thetans” stuff.

Sorry, guys, you’re ALL the same.

Are we?
If not, what can we do to change the world’s perception?
And if so, what can we do to change?

6 thoughts on “Even Worse Than Jumping on Oprah’s Couch

  1. I can’t bear to watch that video. Is scientology really even a religion? I mean I’m pretty open minded when it comes to other religions… but all the great world religions have a basis in ancient texts and practices. Scientology only has L. Ron Hubbard and a bunch of fruity celebrities.

  2. It’s worth watching for the background music & cool graphics. It fascinates me that it’s taken from a Scientology AWARDS SHOW!?!? If Christianity had an awards show, (what a bizarre concept) who would you vote for to win the top honor? What would the criteria be? And what would the award be called?

    Scientology is just creepy. Kind of like clowns…

  3. The church should take a lesson from Bill O’Reilly — trying to attack your critics just gives your critics more publicity. Al Franken probably wouldn’t be as famous as he is today if it weren’t for Oreilly’s personal crusade against him.

  4. Yeah. I haven’t seen it, but I don’t have too. I have read that book a couple of times(you know me and religion) and don’t really know what to think of it. I have read the Koran (Spelling?) a couple of times and found wholly more believable.

    Oh well. I hope I have never come off as the “know it all church dude”.

    “Kind of like clowns” That’s good.

  5. i wish the agnostic/atheist would 1) make up his mind and 2) know his enemy. What is he talking about?

    and, yes, i do think that christians are big jerks who are not supposed to be jerks. i think we focus too much on our beliefs rather than letting our beliefs and our God focus our actions to what the bible – i believe – is clear should be our central action: LOVE.

    btw, the cruise pic is from magnolia, right? LOVED that movie (in a different sense, i suppose than what i was referring to above) and thought he was perfect for that role.

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