Monday Miscellany – a day late!

I took yesterday off; (1) to do some work around the house, more on that later, and (2) because my wife, as a teacher, had the day off to observe the national holiday. Speaking of which…

MLK Day:

Every year during my lovely wife’s spring break we spend a few days in Memphis, TN. Much of our time is spent deciding which barbeque joint to eat at next & we always try to see a Memphis Redbirds ballgame if they’re in town. But we also try to see something different each year too. In the past we’ve seen Graceland, Sun Studios, the Gibson Guitar Factory, the Zoo, various art galleries, museums & gardens. But last year we decided to see the National Civil Rights Museum for the first time. It’s located in the historic Lorraine Motel. Historic of course because it was the spot where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. drew his final breath. We stood at street level – we stood inside the hotel looking out – we stood across the street in the room they believe the shot came from – all just staring at that same spot on the balcony in nearly complete silence. It is awe inspiring while at the same time monumentally heart-breaking. Never had Dr. King’s life & legacy seemed so real to me than it did at that moment. There is obviously much more to the museum, but that was the part that affected me the most.


the Lorraine Motel


The Academy Awards nominations have been officially announced!
The “Best Motion Picture” candidates are;

“Michael Clayton”
“No Country for Old Men”
“There Will Be Blood”

And much like years previous, I haven’t seen any of them! Okay, I would like to see all of them with the possible exception of “Atonement”, but so far haven’t been able to. That being said, I will root for “No Country for Old Men” because I am a big Coen Brothers fan – but I am predicting “There Will Be Blood” will take home the top prize based entirely on the Daniel Day-Lewis factor.

Aches & Pains:

I spent all weekend & yesterday doing some much needed home improvements; completely redoing one room while making some minor changes in a number of other rooms too. There was spackling, sanding, painting, wall-paper stripping, wall-papering, furniture moving, furniture assembly, re-wiring, blind & curtain hanging, and massive amounts of seemingly never-ending cleaning; all followed by a restless night of trying to sleep on a new mattress… I am tired & sore & pretty much out-of-it today. And it’s still not quite done. I will be happy with it once it’s over, but until then – this sucks!

5 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany – a day late!

  1. We did the Memphis thing last fall. It’s a great city. We saw Graceland (again), Sun Studio, and hit several barbeque joints. We were totally underwhelmed by Rendezvous but loved Frank Vernon’s BBQ Shop so much we went back again before we left.

    We also took the NCRM tour and had similar reactions to yours. It is a sobering place.

  2. Oh yeah – the Bar-B-Q Shop is fantastic. But the Rendezvous is one of our favorites along with Neeley’s Interstate. Our underwhelmed moment was Corky’s.

    We love our BBQ & we’ve spent so much time exploring the joints Memphis offers that we can’t hardly stand the BBQ that we get around home. Oh well.

  3. I be diggin’ me some barbecue. You have to see Juno if you see nothing else. Seriously.

    Okay, it’s the only one I have seen, and I would like to see Atonement, even if the bony-scrawny Keira is in it. I’m shocked she didn’t get a nod, BTW.

    Check out the Rock and Soul museum – there’s a lot of stuff about how the musical landscape in Memphis was interwoven with the civil rights movement there.

  4. i really, really, really want to see Juno and There Will Be Blood. long-time fan of PT Anderson.

    the museum must’ve been something else, though. just thinking that the irony of that bloody, fateful motel turning into a civil rights museum is something that King would’ve appreciated, at least in a speech.

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