Friday Five – Bad Covers

To quote Art, You know you’ve heard them: ‘cover’ versions of great songs that, uh, aren’t so great. The question I always have is “Why? Why would you do that?”

This was a tough one because there are just SO many bad covers out there! It’s hard to narrow down. So here’s the list that popped into my head first, in no particular order:

Sheryl CrowSweet Child O’Mine: I don’t honestly have that much against Sheryl Crow, one might say that I’m even a moderate fan of hers, but this version of the only G&R song I ever really liked is kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard!

CherStill Haven’t Found (What I’m Looking For): My wife loves Cher – I love U2 – and never the twain should meet! This one just hurts to listen to.

John Mellencamp & Me’Shell NdegeocelloWild Night: Okay, it’s not horrible – but it’s certainly no Van Morrison!

Britney Spears(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction: It just seems wrong to kick little Britney when she’s already down (I wouldn’t give her troubles to a monkey on a rock!) but when you butcher a Rolling Stones classic this bad… it’s like I had no choice.

A*TeensCan’t Help Falling In Love: It’s no secret that I’m an Elvis fan. And while this is certainly not my favorite Elvis song… it could possibly be my least favorite Elvis cover! It’s so bad, it probably shouldn’t even count.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Bad Covers

  1. Cher provides the soundtrack in Hell. Actually any song Cher ever covered belongs on this list, but butchering a U2 song certainly nails it.

    Again, we have one item in common. And yes, that version of Wild Night is terrible. Seriously, when a song is called “Wild Night,” there should be some sense of abandon, recklessness, even wildness if you will. It shouldn’t sound cold, tired, calculated and like the tempo was set by a click track.

    Sheryl Crow is best as a cover artist. She seems to put more energy, more soul, and all-around greatness into her covers than her originals. But yes, that one sucks.

  2. i agree w/ will above. that is a particularly lame cover (though not necessarily wretched) of van the man. and cher – GOD-AWEFUL. the Lord has blessed me by not allowing me to listen to that version. or anything of hers in the last year or so.

    crow’s best cover was stuck in the middle with you, which i think she called “all i wanna do is have some fun” or something.

    i’ve not heard most of these songs, though, guys. i can’t even think of too many other bad covers (though clapton did some vanilla covers in the 70s). maybe i’m lucky.

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