Monday Miscellany

Were you ready for some FOOTBALL?

I am not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination, but just knowing that it was Super Sunday made something in my brain crave junk food. I wanted pizza, nachos, hot wings & beer. I don’t normally crave junk food so it had to be subliminal, right? I ended up eating all of the above with the exception of the nachos. But instead of eating them while watching the big game, Leah decided that we should record it while watching a movie she had recorded last week about human trafficking, (how uplifting!) then we would have the ability to fast forward through the boring parts (aka “the game”) & still catch the commercials & the half-time show. Just for the record, it wasn’t worth it – and it gave me a belly ache.

Eli Manning

The Room

I called-in last Friday (hence the non-participation in the Friday 5) partially because Leah had a snow day from school & partially because I needed to finish up a few projects in my room before my sister-in-law came to visit. Since my daughter moved into her own apartment a few weeks ago & took all of her furniture, we are transforming her old bedroom into a kind of play room/office. I moved the computer desk in along with the PS2, a new futon, my collection of Woody cars, a large curio filled with Star Wars toys & collectibles, etc. It’s decorated in a St. Louis Cardinals theme, so we’re referring to it as “the Cardinal Room”. It’s basically done now & I really like it. It’s certainly better than having the computer in the dining room & my toys scattered throughout the house! Leah is probably happier about that than anyone! As she would say, I finally have a place to stick all of my crap.


The IT Guy

Being the Sys Admin & basically the entire IT staff of the company certainly has its advantages! Last week I needed to spend some money before the end of the month (use it or lose it, right?), so I bought 3 new computers. One of which was for ME! I tried to save as much money as I could on the first two systems as usual, but I really souped mine up good! My workstation cost a little more than the other two combined. They were delivered on Thursday. I guess we all know what I’m going to be doing this week! Hehehehehe! So let’s all join in singing that peppy little hymn, O Happy Geek!


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