Super Tuesday Q&A

Q: What is the difference between a Primary & a Caucus?
A: The word Caucus induces more giggles among the 12-15 year old boy demographic.

Q: Is the plural of Caucus, “Caucii”?
A: Yup. At least in my vocabulary it is!

Q: Why is winning California so important to the candidates?
A: Because the rest of the country trusts Californians – after all they elected the Kindergarten Cop as their governor not once, but TWICE!

Q: Why is this Tuesday referred to as Super?
A: The term was first used in 1984 when Walter Mondale secured the Democratic candidacy because he was such a big fan of the Christopher Reeve & Richard Pryor collaboration in Superman 3.

Q: Is there any significance to Super Tuesday falling on Mardi Gras (aka Fat Tuesday) this year?
A: Yes – after casting your ballot today, if you show the election workers your breasts, they’ll give you a string of beads.

Q: With both of the Democratic front-runners basically handicapped (woman/black) who do you think will win the nomination?
A: I have to go with Obama, based exclusively on the Oprah factor.

If you have any more questions about Super Tuesday, just ask & I will be happy to ignore… I mean answer them.

I am the Arachnerd & I approved this blog.

2 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Q&A

  1. question, ol wise one:

    is this why in chicago, where even the dead come out to vote, i’ve seen a lot of caskets with beads on them?

    and by the way, teamsters + bare chested do not a good sight make.

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