What’s on the iPod?

Mat D & the Profane Saints – Small Town Burning
Mat D – Gasoline Rattle

Mat D AlbumsIt’s been a few weeks since I wrote a “What’s on the iPod” entry. Not that I haven’t gotten any new music lately. More likely that I’ve gotten so much that I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. I did download a couple of albums last week though that I felt like I needed to share with the group. I learned about Mat D & the Profane Saints through a podcast from Americana Roots, and I have to say, I’m pretty darn impressed.

Mat D (aka Mathew deRiso) has obviously taken notes from guys like Steve Earle & James McMurtry. He’s making gritty roots rock music with decent lyrics & a strong musical backbone. Plus he has the chops & the voice to back it all up. If you’re a fan of Americana or Roots Rock, I recommend giving these guys a listen.

Here’s what others have to say;

“Mat d. combines the best of old acoustic roots / folk / country blues music with leading edge Americana blues and a hard driving gospel flavor to produce Folk Rising’s pick for this year’s top folk album.”

Gary Kappenman – Folk Rising

” Mat’s songs are funny, crusty, dirty glimpses into an America out beyond the strip malls. The subjects of his songs flash by like memories of a road trip, with recurring themes of faith, cynicism, and finding what love the world throws at us.”

Jim Pipkin – HickoryWind.org

” This album from Mat D provides some fine additions to the canon of country – and indeed popular – songs. There are songs on this album that will (or at least should if there is any justice in this world) become standards.

Editor – BluesBunny.com

Listen to the song “Bound for Glory” from Mat’s solo acoustic album Gasoline Rattle HERE.

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