Monday Miscellany

Winter Weather Advisory

weather mapThe office is abuzz today because of the winter weather rapidly moving into our region. It started around 10:00 this morning with some light sleet/freezing rain and has progressed into a pretty heavy snow right now. Local schools have dismissed early including my wife’s. And the people here are just going nuts wanting us to close-up for the day & go home.

Honestly, this weather doesn’t worry me. I like the cold & the snow is just beautiful. I don’t even really mind the slick roads and low visibility. What scares me more than anything else are the other people on the road who don’t know how to drive in it. People freak out, get scared, over-compensate & make stupid decisions. So if I can just get everyone to stay off of the roads for just the half-hour it takes me to get home, we would all be a lot happier.

The 2008 Grammy Awards

As I get older, I tend to watch award shows less & less. The Grammys, to me, are by far the worst. Leah and I were watching a movie last night and when it was over, we flipped over to the already in progress show just as Amy Winehouse was performing. Then, as usual, as soon as she was done, she won the very next award. I asked myself, “Now do I really want to finish watching this pathetic popularity contest?” And I responded to myself, “No. No. No.

Speaking of getting older

Yesterday was my birthday. (Yee-haw) I don’t like days that are all about me. I don’t like being the center of attention. So as usual I celebrated quietly with Leah & Bethany. They took me out to eat. We talked & laughed & acted like fools. It was really nice. It’s much more important to me to feel like my family actually like me & cares about me than to have some silly party. I have a great family & I love them a lot. That’s all the gift a guy needs.

The Big Joe Polka Show

Am I the only person around here that loves to watch this show? I don’t even know why I love it so much – it just makes me laugh I guess.

3 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

  1. Ok. No! We’ve talked about this. You are not the only person who enjoys Big Joe. There are people that live in my house that watch every Saturday!!!! And, I didn’t even attempt to watch the Grammys the other night, I can’t deal with it anymore! :) Glad you got to hang out with your chicks on your Bday! Yeah. It was mass histeria at my job too, during the snow and sleet fiasco. They let us go home @ 2, but I didn’t get to leave until like 2:25. Oh, going back to Big Joe, did you see the dude that played the spoons Saturday night?? Amazing!!!

  2. 1 – Good luck with the weather. I heard of ice storms in KY…

    2 – Amen!

    3 – Happy Birthday.

    4 – You do realize that you may be one of only two bloggers to ever post a polka related video, right?

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