Winter Storm 2008

Scenes around my yard on Tuesday February 12, 2008; one of the worst winter storms to hit our region in more than a decade. The county where I live was actually declared in a “state of emergency” because of the massive number of power outages, road-blockages, & damage caused by falling trees & power lines.


Limbs from a tree in our back yard fell throughout the day & night blocking my truck under the carport. Luckily they missed both the garage & the house so the only damage to clean up will be the limbs themselves. I did have to drag a couple that fell over-night out of the way so that I could drive to work this morning.


Looking out across our neighbor’s back yards. You could literally stand on our patio & listen to the limbs falling around our neighborhood at a frightening rate. Every couple of minutes one close by would give-way & crash to the frozen ground below.


In contrast to the damage & devastation, the thick layer of ice & snow can be quite beautiful.


As I drove through town this morning on my way to work, it looks as though we were some of the lucky ones. All I had to deal with were a few limbs & an ice-rink of a driveway. Others in my community sustained major damage and many were without power & heat for over 24 hours. Please pray for those affected & for the emergency & utility workers that have to brave today’s weather so that we can get back to normal.


4 thoughts on “Winter Storm 2008

  1. Great pictures! You are quite the photog. (and yes, pronounce that FO-tog, with lots of emphasis on the first syllable).

    You got hit harder than we did up here, but out here in the country we don’t get much plowing or any salt or cinders so school is out again.

  2. yeah, nice pix. i remember a similar ice storm up here in Chi a few years ago. looked just like that.

    difference is, we didn’t have much vegetation to lose, i suppose.

  3. Hey that looks like what’s around me house. Could it be b/c we live a sneeze away from each other??? Mom and I sat yesterday in the quiet and just listened to limbs crack and fall. Kinda creepy, but yes I agree, tree limbs covered in ice are very pretty. I have some pix on my Myspace of the fallen limbs around our backyard.

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