Housekeeping Poll

My wife asked me to pose this question to some of my friends. Turns out on Monday this was the topic of conversation at school. Based on limited findings so far, it looks like we are in the minority of people who make their bed each & every morning. I guess we’re just weird… What about you?

Do you (and/or your spouse) make your bed every morning?
1) Yep! Every Day!
2) Most of the time.
3) Some of the time.
4) Nope! Nearly never!

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Bizarre topic for Valentine’s Day, but oh well…

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping Poll

  1. I almost always make up the bed on weekdays but sometimes let it go on Sunday. There’s just something about leaving a bed unmade that bothers me. Guess I’m weird too.

  2. really, we have a down comforter. that’s it. we haven’t made a big deal of making the bed since, well, i think we did at one point, back when we used to show the house off.

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