Monday Miscellany

This must be what hell is like

The only mistake I made over the weekend was watching Muriel’s Wedding Friday night because of the lack of anything else on TV. Not because it’s a bad movie. Quite the contrary, it’s a pretty good movie actually. The problem arose after the movie was over, when my wife decided that it would be an excellent weekend to spontaneously sing random ABBA songs for a solid 48 hours! Holy crap. There’s only so much Sup-pah-pah Troup-pah-pah one man can take! It’s probably a miracle I’m still alive today.


Winter Mess

Now that the remains of the massive winter storm last week are melting away, it is revealing the fact that we have a massive mess on our hands. Cleaning up the trees, branches, and the stuff they fell on would be bad enough, but the ground is so wet & muddy that we can’t even step into the yard to try without sinking to our knees.


A moment of pure joy

As we sat in the theater yesterday, waiting for the movie to begin (Definitely, Maybe… chick flick!), a preview came on that truly excited me! It was definitely (not just maybe) better than the movie. Here it is:

Oh yeah!

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