What’s on the iPod?

Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static

sleep through the staticJack is Back with what is supposed to be a departure for him. He wanted to make a more electric, plugged-in album as opposed to his first three releases of mostly stripped-down acoustic music.  I like Jack. I really do. Since the first time I heard Bubble Toes I’ve been hooked! I was drawn to the style of his guitar playing with its almost percussion-like “hammer-ons” & pretty little transitions combined with his soft, not-so-perfect voice. It reminded me of Cat Stevens combined with Jimmy Buffett. But this time out he decided to shake that formula up… supposedly.

He did mostly ditch the acoustic guitar & added some different instruments & sounds from his friend, frequent collaborator & ALO front-man Zach Gill. But how much difference did it make? Not much really. It’s still undeniably Jack Johnson. It still sounds like the kind of music you should be listening to sitting around a fire on a beach as the sun sets over the ocean. It all pretty much blends in perfectly with the rest of his catalog. And if you’re a fan like me, that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

I am all for an artist trying something new, stretching themselves outside of their normal parameters, shaking things up a bit. Obviously you don’t want to continue recording (or buying) the same album over & over. But the fact remains that Jack is at his best when he’s just being himself; stripped-down, acoustic, simple melodies, socially aware, fighting for the environment & having fun. Personally though, what I would like to see from him next is a live album… but that’s just me.

Case in point:

You can also check out Jack’s latest video, If I Had Eyes from the new album by clicking here HERE.

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