Random iPod Shuffle

Here we go again! Another big ice storm is moving through the Midwest & hitting our area pretty hard again. Schools are cancelled & it was a challenge to get to work this morning as the ice just kept building up on my windshield regardless of how much defrost & wipers I threw at it. Combine that with the fish-tailing & tire spinning & it all adds up to one super-fun 35 mile drive!

But here I am – planning on not getting much actual work done today! So I thought I would kill some time with a random iPod Shuffle. I’ve always wanted to post one but never had a reason. It’s pretty fun regardless, especially when your musical taste is as diverse & scattered as mine. This isn’t really an indicative cross-section, but it is interesting;

1.) Burn that Broken Bed – Calexico with Iron & Wine
2.) Who Did You Think I Was – John Mayer Trio
3.) Born With A Broken Heart – Kenny Wayne Shepherd
4.) AKA Driver – They Might Be Giants
5.) I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You – Dr. John
6.) Leaving New York – R.E.M.
7.) Mr. Columbus – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
8.) I’m Coming Through – Diana Krall
9.) Hungry Eyes – Merle Haggard
10.) I’m In The Mood – John Lee Hooker

That’s right, Haggard & Hooker – two great tastes that taste great together! (eh?)

Haggard & Hooker

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