Monday Miscellany & A Prayer Request


As an extension of my birthday weekend, on Saturday my wife took me to eat dinner at my favorite Greek restaurant (the only true Greek restaurant within 100 miles of here) and to see the geekiest form of music fandom I can think of, U23D! That’s right, a U2 concert in digital 3D! I’ve been excited about this for 2 weeks. Partially because we were supposed to go last weekend, but the movie’s release was postponed due to the popularity of Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert in 3D. U2 was bumped by Billy Ray’s daughter… ouch. That just hurts. (I’m keeping my hateful comments to myself…) But we finally got to see it! And let me just say, IT ROCKED! It was an excellent concert & the 3D work was like nothing I had ever seen!

I wouldn’t say that it was “even better than the real thing”, as I have heard some people remark. It’s just a totally different experience; kind of like watching a baseball game. Yes, on TV you get more in-depth analysis, you get closer to the players, and you can watch a play multiple times from multiple angles at multiple speeds. But nothing compares to the feeling of actually being at the ball park! Seeing U2 live was the most memorable concert experience of my life, period. But U23D was fun, and a memorable experience all its own.


My only major disappointment was the fact that we were literally the only two people in the theater. On the bright side, it kind of felt like Bono, Edge & the boys were performing just for us! (Even though Adam did nearly hit me across the face with the headstock of his bass!)


Prayer Request

On a much more serious & important note, we received news Saturday night that one of my wife’s kindergarten students is back in the hospital. He has a rare genetic disease called Nevoid basal cell carcinoma, or Gorlin Syndrome that he will have to live with the rest of his life. But that’s not what sent him back to the hospital. No, this time it was something else. For the second time in his short life, he is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. According to his mother, it’s much worse this time. He will be at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis for at least 2 months for treatment and will likely not be back to school the rest of the year.

After hearing this news and talking to his mother on the phone for quite a while, we just sat in the living room in tears trying NOT to imagine what it would be like for something like this to happen to one of our own children, nieces or nephews. Now she gets the difficult task of explaining to a room full of 5 & 6 year olds today why their friend isn’t in class. Please say a prayer for her & her class too.

St. Jude is one charity that we have always had a soft-spot for, even long before their reach had hit so close to home. This only makes those feelings stronger. There is no doubt that without St. Jude, he would not be alive today. So please add Devin to your prayer list today – and if you feel so moved, please make a donation to St. Jude so that they can continue their phenomenal work of helping kids like Devin without regard to their ability to pay.



4 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany & A Prayer Request

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  2. Praying for Devin. I am sure Our Lord is holding him close during this time. It is so sad when a child becomes so ill. It breaks my heart.

    And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.
    Matthew 21:22


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