Monday Miscellany

Clean-Up Day

nailWe spent Saturday cleaning-up the damage to our yard & trees caused by the winter storms over the last few weeks; which, of course, was the day after the town-wide clean-up day, so we couldn’t just set the stuff by the side of the road to be picked-up by orange jump-suited prisoners on Friday. No – we were on our own, so we just burnt it like the good Southern Illinoisans that we are! During which, my wife stepped on a piece of scrap plywood left by the guys that fixed our garage roof a while back & drove a roofing nail into the ball of her foot. But instead of telling me that she hurt herself, she said “be careful where you step, there are nails in those boards” and continued to work. I didn’t know what had happened until after we had quit for the day & she took her shoe off to reveal a bloody sock. I think she’ll be fine, but she’s still limping pretty good today.

The yard looks much better though!


Pass the Tanning Butter

Isn’t it strange how stuff gets stuck in your head? After eating at Red Lobster last week (it was Lobster-Fest after all) and declaring that which was on my plate not just a Lobster, but a RO-O-O-OCK LOB-STER in my best Fred Schneider voice, I haven’t been able to shake the silly song out!

So there! Now it’s stuck in your head too! Ah-ah-ah-ah…


Breaking News!

Click HERE to read a frightening article involving assault with a deadly hybrid utensil!