Monday Miscellany


I missed last week’s Lenten Prayer entry. It was a tough week for me in the office & by the time I remembered about the prayer – I choked. Not that I’m trying to make excuses or anything! (cough) I will try to add two this week to make up for it. And I apologize for letting that of all things slip.

Baseball After All

As my wife & I were preparing for our annual Spring Break trip to Memphis, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to do one of our regular activities. We always try to catch at least one Memphis Redbirds (The St. Louis Cardinals AAA affiliate) game at Autozone Park. But unfortunately this year Spring Break falls the week prior to the beginning of their season opener. Needless to say, we were terribly disappointed. HOWEVER; we just discovered that we WILL be able to attend a ball game after all! It just so happens that while we’re down there, Autozone Park will be hosting the second annual Civil Rights Game, which “pays tribute to one of our country’s most significant eras of social change and honors Major League Baseball’s involvement in the historic struggle through which legendary African-American players broke barriers and made important contributions to American society.” (quoted from official MLB press release.) It’s not the Cardinals or the Redbirds unfortunately. Instead it is the Chicago White Sox & the New York Mets. But at least we can still look forward to some baseball!

I Don’t Feel Very Stimulated

Like many other Americans, Friday I received a letter in the mail explaining (in a very poor way) the free money that the Government just decided to mail to us on a whim – you know, since we’re not in, or headed for, a recession. (right?)

Click HERE to read an interesting article about why President Bush’s Economic Stimulus Package not only won’t work, but why we shouldn’t want it to.

One thought on “Monday Miscellany

  1. The article you linked to is right on one point. We should take the interest free loan the government is going to send it and save/invest it. Put that money to work and all that.

    However, the author encourages us not to overconsume so there will be more raw materials left for our children to earn with. Classic economics mistake. The author is assuming a zero-sum equation.

    In the 19th century whale blubber was a highly valued commodity. Over hunting of whales caused drastic shortages. Since necessity is the mother of invention, this shortage caused bright people to find alternatives… such as petroleum. Whale blubber is no longer a valued commodity b/c necessity (and the search for profit/more valued commodity) caused people to look beyond the status quo.

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