Some Things Just Shouldn’t Run In the Family

Meet the Bebees. Father Floyd, 48, and his son Justin, 21, were arrested last year (on different dates) in central Florida. As you can tell from the below mug shots, the Bebees are forehead tattoo enthusiasts.

You read that right, he said “forehead tattoo enthusiasts”! Dad also has a tattoo on the back of his head that says, “Got-R-Did”… Of course he does! Why wouldn’t he? But even better than that is this quote;

Bebee, who does odd jobs like home remodeling and demolition, said that his wife had a succinct response to his forehead ink: “You crazy,” she said.

Yep – He Crazy alright!

father & son forehead tattoo enthusiasts

My first thought was, what could they possibly have been thinking? My second was, at least he found enough irony to have it done in an Old English font.

My thanks to the Smoking Gun!

5 thoughts on “Some Things Just Shouldn’t Run In the Family

  1. Holy God, this can’t be real, can it?

    What am I saying? Of course it can… it’s Jasdye’s favorite state where any[expletive deleted]thing can happen!

    Geez, sorta makes Indian Larry’s backwards neck tattoo look tame, dunnit?

  2. Im a juggalette and im married but still if i wasnt id deff try to get with tht dudes son he looks hot. i love those psycho boys. im from roebuck!

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