Monday Miscellany

Memphis BBQ 2008


 Back From Memphis:

Four BBQ joints later (I think we’re que’d out for a while)! It was a nice trip over-all, barring the rain Saturday & Sunday. The ballgame was good, even though it was odd to be at a game with no one specific to root for. The people in front of us, also Cardinal fans, decided to root for the Mets because they were a National League team. We however decided to root for the WhiteSox just because of our animosity toward that other Chicago team. ;) We also visited STAX Records which, while very cool as far as their collection & presentation is concerned, was slightly disappointing compared to Sun Studios because it is not the original structure. The original studio was demolished in 1989 and the “replica” was built on the same location fourteen years later to serve as a museum & music academy, so you just don’t get that same sense of awe. I’m glad I can say that I’ve been there, but I can’t say that we will return.

I will have at least one more Memphis story to share later this week. It will be worth the wait, but I need to figure out if I learned anything from the experience first.


Side Note From Sun:

Hey Art: we stopped at Sun Studios before heading home yesterday, not to take the tour again, but just because we were looking for something for our daughter. And guess who I met? Your tour guide from your visit last year – tattoo & all! I didn’t say anything or ask to see the ink in question; I just kind of chuckled under my breath thinking about how I had to tell you when we got back!


St. Jude Visit & Devan Update:

We spent quite a bit of time Friday on the St. Jude campus. That was certainly awe inspiring. We took the tour first before finding & spending time with Devan and his family. The work that that hospital is able to do is just unimaginable. There just aren’t words to describe it that would do it justice.

Devan is actually doing much better. By the time we saw him he had been released from ICU and was preparing to continue his chemo treatments. He was however still in isolation, which basically means he’s not allowed to play with the other kids because he is still testing positive for traces of RSV. He’s staying in the “Grizzlies House” on campus which is essentially a small apartment where the kids can stay with their parents and still be within reach of the main hospital building. It was really quite nice considering. He is obviously very weak and wobbly from the treatments and his little head is almost completely bald, but he seemed to be in pretty good spirits. He lit up when he saw Leah & while looking through all of the stuff her class had sent him. It was nice to hear him laugh and act silly. He got up several times while we there to walk around the table and hug Leah. If this had been the only thing we had done in Memphis, it would’ve been worth the trip.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers – they have certainly not been in vain. Please continue as the treatment plan for this type of leukemia spans approximately two years, but the survival rate, at least at St. Jude, is 94%!


Opening Day:

Today is officially Major League Baseball’s 2008 Season Opening Day. The Cardinals are hosting the Colorado Rockies this afternoon if they can squeeze it in between rain showers as the forecast is predicting. Opening Day used to be kind of my family’s own holiday. My wife & I attended every home opener together beginning in 1998, just before we married, until they made the tickets just too hard and too expensive to get. This is the second year we have been unable to attend. It is disappointing, but until they make ticket buying more fair we will have to live with watching it from the comfort of our living room. I might still be wearing the foam finger regardless!

cardinals foam finger

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