Monday Miscellany

One Shot, One Beer & a Kiss Before I Go

After watching this week’s Austin City Limits, which was actually a repeat from 2005, I can’t get Ryan Adams out of my head. Not that I’m complaining, there are certainly worse things to get hung-up on. But it was an amazing performance and I really wish the whole episode could’ve been devoted to that recording. 2005 was a big year for Adams in which he released three albums, Jacksonville City Nights, 29, and the double album Cold Roses. I love all three.

Don’t Get Too Much of a Leadoff

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported this morning that the Cardinals starting catcher, and one of my favorite current members of the team, Yadier Molina, is now tied for fifth place among major league catchers in picked-off base runners. What’s amazing about that statistic is that all of the other catchers in that category, guys like Pudge Rodriguez, Benito Santiago, and Yadi’s mentor Mike Matheny, played a minimum of 13 seasons to get there. Molina is just one week into his fourth season as a full-time starter! The dude’s got mad skills! Even his brothers, who are both also major league catchers, have stated that baby bro Yadi is the most naturally talented member of the family.

I searched literally for like two minutes for a video highlighting Yadi’s first-base pickoff throw behind the runner; but alas, came up empty handed. Oh well. I could’ve searched for a few more seconds, but it’s Monday, it’s early, and I’m tired. You will have to live without it for now.

The Loan – The Loan – The Loan is on Fire

Six and a half years ago the people of our church built-on a bigger and more easily accessible fellowship hall that we, quite frankly, could not afford. A large sum of money had to be borrowed in order to build it obviously, and yesterday during worship we celebrated the paying off of that loan with a note burning ceremony.

Around the time that we decided that the addition was needed, we also adopted a theme – a verse from Mark 10:27 – “With God all things are possible.” We wrote it on the wall of the sanctuary. We printed it in our bulletins & newsletters. We added it to our website. We etched it on the cornerstone of the new fellowship hall. But most of all, we burnt it on our hearts. We have witnessed the fulfillment of that promise time and time again. We know it to be true. Indeed, all things really are possible!

Breaking News

Just in case you were wondering…

From the Weekly World News

2 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

  1. o, wow. i guess my wife is a closet republican, then.

    she eats it with macaroni. i kid you not. it smells like flippin’ chef boyardee!

    and what’s REALLY sick is that she eats it with hot dogs. hot dogs and ketchup?? and she’s a CHICAGOAN.

    where did i go wrong??

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