Games for Non-Gamers

This game has been kicking my butt for three days so far this week! It’s just a simple on-line flash game where you have to move a small shape, usually a circle, across the screen to a flag by drawing 2-D shapes which obey the laws of physics in the fewest number of shapes. It is problem solving at its most frustrating – yet somehow fist-pumpingly gratifying when it works. It’s a lot like Crayon Physics if you’ve ever played that. But I like the fact that this is just a little flash game – nothing to install that will bog your computer down, just a cookie that remembers your scores.

Three lunch periods and five breaks later, I’ve finally got each level down to single-digits, most in 4 or less. Now my mouse-hand hurts…

Warning: if you enjoy problem solving, this thing is like on-line crack! Instantly addictive. Play at your own risk.

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