Friday Five – Nation Songs

This week we’re going international with songs that reference the names of specific Nations in the title. So without further ado;

Back in the U.S.S.R. – The Beatles, (Nations that are now defunct still count!)

Mexican radio – Wall of Voodoo, (while memories of Night Tracks come rushing back.)

The Flowers of Guatemala – R.E.M., (A fantastic song from Life’s Rich Pageant – one of my favorite of their albums.)

France – Keb’ Mo’, (The video is pretty bad – but the song is fun!)

Coming to America – Neil Diamond, (I am forever doomed to remember “Saving Silverman” every time I hear Neil Diamond.)

And I want to apologize – but I had to include this one; it’s Monty Python with a moving tribute to Finland

4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Nation Songs

  1. i was thinking of Mexican Radio, but for some reason i thought it wouldn’t count b/c it was used as an adjective. the one Friday Five i decide to get picky on…

  2. I had the same thought Jason – and even excluded a few other songs for the same reason – but I just love that song for some reason & ended up including it anyway! Hey, it’s my blog. I can cheat if I want to! :)

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