Monday Miscellany

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – Last week was a rough one for me!

Mother’s Day Ruminations

When I presented my wife with gifts & card yesterday, she recited her usual response, “You don’t have to get me anything you know. I’m not really a Mother.” I’m sorry, but the argument that a step-mother isn’t really a mother just because she didn’t physically give birth to the lovely young lady that she raised for a solid ten years of her life, doesn’t hold water for me. My wife has sacrificed, worked, worried, chaperoned, stayed-up late, made last-minute goodies for bake sales, helped with homework, had numerous “talks” on a wide variety of subjects that make me uncomfortable, and so much more that I can’t even remember. Our daughter lived with us almost exclusively from the time we moved in together, well over ten years ago. And I’m here to tell you, I could not have done it without her.

My two girls – my wife and my daughter – literally have been my reason for living over the last decade. They are the two most important people in my life and my greatest source of joy and pride. I don’t know what I would’ve done without either of them.

So don’t tell me that I shouldn’t honor my wife on the second Sunday of May every year just because she never went through child-birth. She’s more of a mother than many women I know who have. She deserves to be honored each and every day in my opinion.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Dangers in the Workplace

Here is a picture of the vent fan in the men’s bathroom in the office where I work:

dirty exhaust fan

And I wonder why my allergies bother me so much when I’m here!
(Actually I don’t wonder at all. But I do thank God for allergy medication, especially this time of year!)

Twisted Logic

As the Democratic primary makes its way to the Bluegrass State, the residents are expressing their political views through the old-fashioned medium of the portable business marquee; even when they don’t necessarily make sense.

makes perfect sense

Dr. Abram Allen, who posted the above sign in front of his West Kentucky veterinary clinic last week, explained it this way to the local news, “Obama’s made much stock out of his white grandma, so Hillary’s kind of faulting. So I thought, ‘Well she should have had a black grandma.’ So if it’s credit for a white grandma, it’d be credit for a black grandma… What’s credit for one is credit for another, and if it isn’t that way, then you are a racist.

Uh… W-h-a-t ???

So, by that logic Barack needs to get one of those vagina things & a cheating ex-presidential spouse? I mean what’s credit for one… right?

One thought on “Monday Miscellany

  1. hey, mother’s (and father’s) the one who raised ya, genes or not!

    twisted logic of hillary supporters, neither the sign nor the explanation behind the sign made a lick of sense.

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